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New 3 3/8” wireline tools

ANTARES has added an Cross Dipole Acoustic Tool and an Array Induction Log to the open-hole tools string over the last years. The Cross Dipole Acoustic Instrument records the entire sonic waveform in addition to the compressional signal. It facilitates the identification of the Shear and...

Exhibitor: ANTARES Datensysteme GmbH

Get Valuable Insights about DBB Valves

Come on over and get in touch with our Taurus product page. Learn more about the great features and benefits of our high quality Taurus Series directly from our experts. Additional you will be able to contact our expert team if you have further questions. We are looking forward to Hearing...

Exhibitor: Armaturenfabrik Franz Schneider GmbH & Co.KG

Absolutely safe in case of fire

In many cases, reliable fire protection is essential for industrial valves. Finally, they are responsible for safety in tough applications, for example in the oil and gas industry or in the chemical and petrochemical industry. They must guarantee a reliable and safe shut-off in case of fire....

Exhibitor: Armaturenfabrik Franz Schneider GmbH & Co.KG

IO Modules with Built In Intrinsic Safety - ELX Terminal

With the ELX terminals, Beckhoff combines highly compact remote I/O modules with safety barriers for the direct connection of intrinsically safe field devices such as sensors and actuators. The high resolution and accuracy of the ELX terminals guarantee the same measurement accuracy already...

Exhibitor: Beckhoff Automation FZE

The future of pipe welding for high pressure pipes

Nowadays Pipe welding is still a job for well skilled specialists. To adjust the pipe, to make a good weld preparation and finally to achieve a perfect weld seam for the pipe junction in terms of quality is a sophisticated challenge. Especially for high pressure pipes, even if these specialists...

Exhibitor: DWT GmbH

Energy efficiency in soil remediation

When you speak of energy efficiency in thermal soil remediation, you cannot get passed the VacuDry ® – technology. econ industries’ VacuDry ® technology has an energy efficiency of more than 80%. Concretely, 80% of the energy of the source fuel is transferred to the soil...

Exhibitor: econ industries services GmbH

New facility for LNG to be built in Western Australia

A new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) waste processing facility based on technology engineered by the econ industries group will be realised in Karratha’s industrial precinct in Western Australia. The secure storage, processing and purification facility will be the first of its kind in...

Exhibitor: econ industries services GmbH

SNG / Propane-Air Mixing Units for LPG: FAS-4000

The FAS-Propane-Air Mixing Units FAS-4000 very often are desginated as CNG-LPG-Mixer and serve for the productions of SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas respectively Substitue Natural Gas). The main application purposes of these LPG-Air-Mixing Units are the standby supply in the natural gas grid (CNG),...

Exhibitor: FAS Flüssiggas- Anlagen GmbH

Water heated NG and LPG Generator

The new developed water heated gas genset up to 55 kW operates at low gas pressure very efficiently. Further advantages are low noise level, reduced consumption and less maintenance cost.

Exhibitor: FAS Flüssiggas- Anlagen GmbH

Centrifugal Pump FAS NZ 30-9-15 for LPG

The highlight and main advantages of the new pump model NZ 30-9-15 are the high efficiency and lower eletrical power consumption. The operation costs for electrical power can be reduced by daily up to 50%. The pump type NZ 30-9-15 with a capacity of 30m3/h at 8,5 bar differential pressure only...

Exhibitor: FAS Flüssiggas- Anlagen GmbH

Professional set for ASCM 18 QM Tapping

New FEIN cordless drill/drivers unbeatable in metal. Noticeably improved drilling, tapping and screw driving application. 4-speed cordless drill/driver with brush-less motor, QuickIN Max interface and extensive accessories for drilling, tapping and screw-driving in metal. Brush-less FEIN...

Exhibitor: FEIN Middle East FZE

Change-over to Availability with LESER's New Change-over Valve

PERFECT SOLUTION FOR VARIOUS REQUIREMENTS Challenges: The design of a spare relief valve installation needs to ensure a maximum permissible inlet pressure drop at 3% of the safety valve’s set pressure. This especially should be ensured when dealing with additional piping components, long...

Exhibitor: LESER GmbH & Co. KG

New LICAD® 10 release

LICAD ® is the leading software worldwide for the design of pipe support systems. It enables the generation of support drawings, material lists and 3D models. LICAD ® 10 offers the user clearly improved handling and extra functions! The highlights of version 10 are, among others:...

Exhibitor: LISEGA SE

45 years PRUFTECHNIK - 45 years of trust in the future and customized solutions

From the first simple ideas to today’s user-friendly, cloud-based measuring devices, PRUFTECHNIK’s image has changed drastically. The living room in Schwabing, Munich, where the first devices were produced, has long been replaced with a high-tech production line based on lean...


Applying inertial Roll Alignment in the vacuum metalizing industry

With exponential technological growth in the present day, it is no surprise that industrial advancements have reached the core of roll alignment throughout general manufacturing industries around the world. The PARALIGN, with built-in inertial technology, was invented to counteract the...



Electrical energy represents a substantial portion of industrial operating expenses. It is an unavoidable cost of doing business that all too often seems resistant to control or moderation. However, PRUFTECHNIK, the inventor of laser shaft alignment, provides a solution. Drawing on over 40 years...


Drop In Solutions

Replacing "non performing" internals or complete gears, couplings or clutch couplings by proven RENK-MAAG technology equipment. Drop in solutions for: complete – gearboxes – couplings – clutch couplings and/or parts like – bearings – rotors...

Exhibitor: RENK AG


RENK presents: RECOVAR-E Next Generation Variable Speed drive Real innovations are rare! Here is one: A hybris between a converter and a purely mechanical solution – the best of both worlds! 1) Provides the best efficiency for a variable speed drive 2) Provides next to no harmonic grid...

Exhibitor: RENK AG

Non-destructive testing (NDT) on site

With ultrasonic testing (with phased-array method or conventional) and penetration inspection the rotors (wheel/pinion) and bearings can be tested. Additional magnetic particle inspection can be an option with the rotors. Trained personnel, the use of the latest technologies and last but not...

Exhibitor: RENK AG

Portable Cutting Ring Assembly Machine

With the battery-operated STAUFF Press Assembly Machine SPR-PRC-H-M, STAUFF provides an ergonomically designed, light-weight and at the same time robust device for the assembly of cutting rings in the Light Series (L) as well as in the Heavy Series (S) according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353 on...

Exhibitor: Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co KG

ZF EcoLife Offroad - Best Performance Thanks to Smart Driveline Torque Control

The new 7-speed automatic transmission ZF EcoLife Offroad is designed to handle tough off-road conditions and meets all demands placed on the harsh requirements in oil and gas production, such as in pumping systems, workover and coil tubing rigs, cementing and acidizing units. It enables...

Exhibitor: ZF Friedrichshafen AG

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