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Reduce vibrations on a piping system without major changes to the pipe.

Over the past 30 years the plant engineering sector has faced a constant increase of the vibration level at piping systems for multiple reasons. One important factor is the increased requirements on economical operation and productivity. The quantity of steel used with piping systems is reduced, due to higher quality of material and higher utilization factors. Usually, piping systems are designed against static load cases only. During operation, however, dynamic loads occur. These loads may lead to excessive vibrations that need to be reduced.

VICODA has developed an innovative solution to reduce vibrations in a simple way: TMD.Pipe.

TMD.Pipe (TMD stands for Tuned Mass Damper) is a passive damper for the reduction of vibrations in piping systems and is composed of a mass, springs and dampers.
Functional principle: The TMD tuned to the resonance of the piping system increases the damping significantly, thus reducing the resonant amplitudes.

TMD.Pipe is based on an innovative design allowing for the use of only one product to solve a wide range of vibration problems in a wide variety of facilities and piping systems. Characteristics:

  • Several sizes are preconfigured, covering all major vibration phenomena.
  • Owing to a modular design system, the damping parameters to be set can already be flexibly preset ex works.
  • The fine tuning is done by a few simple actions during the commissioning. This provides a very high accuracy and effective vibration reduction.
  • The connection is made via a standardized clamp design allowing for the smooth application with pipe diameters of 25 cm up to 2 m.

Due to the eddy-current dampers applied TMD.Pipe is far more efficient than vibration absorbers applying conventional dampers:

  • The damping is independent from environmental conditions, in particular on temperature. This allows for outdoor use in all climates in all seasons and in particular for offshore structures.
  • The damping effect is independent of the vibration properties of the piping system, resulting in a robust and reliable effect, even under changing conditions.
  • Due to the contact free damping effect the eddy-current dampers and hence the TMD.Pipe are maintenance free, durable and reliable.

Properties and advantages

  • Absolutely non-wearing system
  • System works independent of environmental conditions, in particular of temperature
  • No rigid abutment required
  • Easy installation and design: on new or for retrofitting existing systems
  • Modular system: thus individually adaptable to the respective vibration problem
  • Highly accurate tuning to the respective piping system possible: high vibration reduction achievable, even with application of minimum damper mass
  • Suitable for application in potentially explosive Areas
  • All components have increased corrosion protection. In addition, it is suitable to operate reliably even under rough and changing environmental conditions.

Areas of application
In chemical plants, power plants and in the engineering industry in general, with vibration excitation induced by:

  • Steady state flow
  • Water and liquid hammers
  • Pressure pulsations
  • Separate excitations

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